Court Approved

We make it easy and quick to start your journey to being a safer driver. With immediate on-demand access, easy to use material, and automated reporting to the courts, Decision Driving Academy is the best platform to complete your court required safe driver training.

Start Training Now These training courses are MANDATORY,
so they might as well be easy-to-use and affordable!

Why Choose Decision Driving Academy?

State Compliant
The 4 hour DDC courses are nationally recognized and State compliant.
Learn At Your Own Pace
Finish the course completely, or finish at your own pace by picking up where you left off. It is up to you.
Instant Access to Learning
No need to go to a learning center or wait for a teacher. Learn on you own time from anywhere.
Fully Mobile
Finish the course from your phone or any internet-enabled device e.g., laptop, tablet or mobile device.
Printable Certificate
Your certificate is available as soon as you finish the course, and can be shared directly with the court system. Pass the final exam and your certified!
Dedicated Support
Stuck on something? No problem, we have help standing by!