Safe Driver Online Training

4-hour Defensive Driving Course


Course description

This course presents real-life driving situations and hazard recognition scenarios that will help drivers recognize their own personal driving tendencies and attitudes. It will motivate drivers to change their risky behind-the-wheel habits and encourage them to be safe and responsible motorists.

Safe Driver Online
Price: $50.00
Safe Driver Training

Course Highlights

Defensive Driving Online offers state-of-the-art technology with an emphasis on scenario-based training, hazard risk assessments, knowledge checks, session reviews and a final exam. This enhanced level of interactivity works effectively at multiple phases and levels of driver training - from new hire to post-incident and refresher training. Other course highlights include:

  • Full-course narration with closed captioning for the hearing impaired
  • High definition videos, 3-D animation, graphic illustrations and interactive gaming exercises
  • Easy to follow navigation and a convenient bookmark feature
  • Internet connection-speed technology and universal device compatibility
  • Printable Certificates of Completion

The Course Covers Key Topics

  • It's all About Choices

    Determine your personal driving profile, driving attitudes and behaviors, defensive driving, and collision prevention strategies

  • Ready for the Road-How various conditions - controllable and uncontrollable - affect your driving

    Learn defensive driving techniques to compensate for those situations as well as vehicle maintenance, and occupant protection systems

  • Don't Add Insult to Injury

    Impaired, distracted, fatigued and aggressive driving and managing your emotions while driving

  • Success on the Road

    Six most unsafe driving behaviors, hazard recognition driving scenarios and how to apply safe driving techniques

  • Collision Prevention

    Steps to preventing collisions through real-life driving reenactments and identifying road sign shapes

  • Driving for Life

    Habits of defensive driving and recognizing personal accountability for your driving behaviors and decisions